FAQ about COVID-19 (EN)

18 mrt 2020

On this webpage you will always find the latest information regarding the Telindus policy for the COVID-19 virus. As expected we will do our utmost to continue to be of service.

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Of course there are other ways in which we can help as well. Now that the entire country is working from home the strain on the internet and the mobile connections rises enormously. If a secure and stable place to work from at home poses a challenge to your business, please contact us at hulpvraag@telindus.nl or on 030-2477711 or talk to your Account Manager of Service Delivery Manager.

What policy does Telindus apply in the current COVID-19 crisis?

First, Telindus has defined guidelines for the way we make our decisions. We will proceed judging the order of priorities:

  1. Employee health comes first
  2. Companies and institutions that perform work where lives depend upon or that can attribute to reduce the spread of the Corona virus, can count on our support. We will pay extra attention to them.
  3. Continuity of Telindus is important to our employees, our customers and of course the Proximus group. We will always consider this when taking decisions.

Telindus will follow the guidelines of the Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM) in the Netherlands and will follow instructions as drawn up by authorities (government). Beside those instructions Telindus will need to take into account the measures that are mandatory or recommended by Proximus. Telindus has had a pandemic plan in place since January, based on the 6 phases of the WHO warning system, complemented with a 4-phase model drawn up for the Netherlands. The execution of this plan has moved to phase 6 of the WHO-model (pandemic) and to phase 3 of the Dutch 4-phase model.

The pandemic plan consists of 6 components:

  • Awareness and training
  • Infection control
  • Shielding
  • Healthcare
  • Continuity of business
  • Cooperation and communication

Within the context of Telindus services, we have had the continuity during a pandemic of those services analysed. Based on this analysis it seems that even in case of an unavailability of Telindus resources of more than 50%, it is unlikely this will have any effect on the continuity of these services.
Despite all actions taken and drawn up scripts (all within reason), we cannot rule out a ‘worst case scenario’ because of aspects Telindus cannot influence, that might seriously jeopardize the Telindus services. Think for example of a longterm failure of critical services from utilities, telecommunication providers and food suppliers. In case this happens, which will seriously disrupt society, it will be a case of force majeure.

Does Telindus have a continuity plan?

Telindus uses a business continuity management system. This system is based upon the international standard ISO 22301 for Business Continuity Management systems.

Is continuity in case of infectuous diseases part of this plan?

Part of this system is the business continuity plan (BCP) Telindus has developed. This BCp also contains a Pandemic Plan. Both these plans are being executed at the moment.

How can you guarantee Service Level Agreements en lead-time agreements will be kept in the next 6 to 12 months? And what measures will be taken?

Telindus will always try to, within its power and within reason, do its utmost to uphold the agreements as agreed upon in the contracts (we have already taken measures regarding these agreements) and to uphold agreed upon lead times, however in this case Telindus depends on the lead times of suppliers. Given the unpredictable situation regarding the growth of the Corona pandemic that already effects large parts of the world, Telindus cannot give a 100% guarantee. It would not be fair nor realistic to request a 100% gurantee during a worldwide crisis in which no expert in any segment (medical or economic) can predict with certainty what happens next. Not even the government can provide certainty as to where we stand as a society and how long this crisis will last.

Do you expext any difficulties in delivery of materials and/or services in the chain caused by COVID-19?

Telindus supplies a large range of products and materials. These are delivered by companies with production sites all over the world. We cannot rule out the possibility that at a certain moment, not influenceable by Telindus, the timely shipment of these products will be compromised. Telindus asks daily updates from suppliers regarding the lead times of these products. In case these lead times exceed the expectations, we will try to inform you as soon as we are aware.

What risks does your company expect concerning service providing regarding the availability of personnel, due to illness, caring for family members or quarantine?

Although Telindus does not expect a lockdown to have any direct consequences regarding the necessary activities at customer’s sites, in case it does happen, we will take these precautions:

  • we kindly request customers to issue a statement, that Telindus needs to perform activities on the business critical infrastructure and that this company is marked as one of the vital companies in the Netherlands or is part of one of the vital sectors.
  • we issue employer statements that indicate our employees need to perform activities on the business critical infrastructure of the company concerned and are therefore entitled to move about.
  • if in the extreme case moving about is no longer possible due to instructions from the authorities, we will send business critical spares parts through express deliveries and we will supply online support installing these spares.
  • if even this is no longer an option, we will have our suppliers ship spare parts directly to our customers, of course for as long as the supplier is able/allowed to send these spares. Also in this case we provide support by telephone during installation.

What additional measures will be taken by your company in case this pandemic lasts longer than 1, 2 or 3 months?

At the moment there is no unavailability of staff. There is a limited absence due to illness and this is not deviant for this time of the year. Even when absence rises to 50%, measurements and services can still be continued for several months. Possibly any moment in case of such a rise in absence Telindus will need to hire new (temporary) staff, through our regular channels. Considering the nature of the job and the technical means used, Telindus can continue to work as always for a considerable amount of time.

What risks do you expect regarding the possible closure of a business location or perhaps regarding a total lockdown of a country as a consequence of the contagion?

The company building is used by a minimum of staff at the moment, so the probability of shutting down is small. Besides, if this is required in case of a corona infected person, it would only be a partial closure of where this person has worked and only for a limited amount of time needed for cleaning en disinfecting. Telindus has a protocol available from Proximus. After cleaning and disinfecting this part of the building can be used once more. This partial closure or eviction has no or only limited effects on the services. Remote support by working from home will still be available. Telindus only works from the Netherlands. In case of a lockdown the expectation is that this will not effect the services Telindus can provide onsite for those customers that are named as vital to our society. Keeping this in mind, Telindus has asked the Dutch government to confirm this, just in case. Telindus still awaits the answers. A possible lockdown will not matter for any remote services anyway.

What measures has Telindus taken yet regarding COVID-19?

So far, measures have been expanded gradually, based on the pandemic plan and adopted advice. The following measures have been validated since 17 March 2020:

  • The Board of Directors meets virtually on a daily basis to discuss the current situation regarding the corona crisis and the impact of the external recommendations and measures. Telindus policy will be amended accordingly if necessary.
  • Decision take by the Board are cascaded everyday by the managers to the employees through Skype calls or emails.
  • Visitors are no longer allowed in the building, unless absolutely required, like cleaning, security or maintenance that cannot be postponed.
  • All employees are working from home, unless the nature of the work does not allow this. They all have the means to work remotely by using a secure connection.
  • Company trips abroad are no longer allowed, at least until 6 April 2020.
  • The logistics within the Netherlands are reduced as much as possible.
  • Participating in a training, seminar, conference or other gathering is no longer allowed, until further notice, at least until 6 April 2020.
  • All meetings with a physical presence are no longer allowed. This also goes for smaller groups, they are requested to reschedule or plan a webconference.
  • All employees have been instructed about the COVID-19 virus and have received instructions regarding washing hands, keeping distance to one another and not shaking hands.
  • Employees that show signs of having a cold or indications of a flu need to stay at home, will work from home as much as possible and are not allowed to visit any customers or suppliers.
  • At our office location a cleaning crew will put in extra hours and different parts and floors of the building have been equipped with fluid handsoap for washing hands.
  • Doors inside the building have been equipped with an access badge that automatically opens the door, so no one needs to touch the doorknobs.
  • Employees that need to use public transportation, have been requested to do so outside of peak hours, working hours can be amended accordingly.

What measures has Telindus taken regarding planned projects?

Measures regarding planned projects:

  • All activities for customers still need to take place remote as much as possible
  • Existing projects onsite will only be finished in consultation with the Projectmanager and Director Service Delivery in case
    – the customer’s continuity is at stake
    – of danger to the safety or health of the public, for instance in vital companies or sectors like hospitals and emergency services

What measures has Telindus taken regarding Managed Services?

Measures for all support and managed services:

  • all remotes services, like changes and support will continue
  • malfunctions or failures will be dealt with remotely
  • in case a malfunction cannot be solved remotely, it will be dealt with onsite, in consultation with the customer

What does Telindus expect from its customers during an onsite visit?

We expect our customers have taken necessary measures in case an onsite visit is required, so Telindus employees can do their job in a safe environment. In case of a previous contamination at the customer’s location, this needs to be reported when making an appointment, so further consult can take place.